ASK THE HR – Free Offer in March 2024

Hey Queen! As we ‘march’ towards the International Women’s day celebrations, at GERTSYHR, we are offering free HR Clinic to 31 women led business and 31 female job seekers through our new ASK THE HR Services. 

Through out the month of March, we shall be responding to any questions related to HR and Career/job seeking for free. Don’t miss out on this. 

All you are required to do is:- 

    1. Email your questions to or post your questions on our website by latest 17:00 pm EAT on 29th February 2024.

    2. Include your name and company (for business owners). 

    3. Your business or career field (what your deals in or what you studied/what kind of jobs you are seeking). 

4. Your location

5. Ask us any question precisely and clearly.

There are only 31 days in March, so that means there are only 31 slots for small businesses and 31 slots for job seekers. We shall select the first 31  questions per category and will be responding directly to the persons throughout the month of March and feature some of the responses on our website.

If you do not get a response from us this time, you may have applied late. Please understand that the slots are limited; however, we might be doing this again this year or even annually moving forward, so keep applying and checking our website for more news. 

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